Abstract art does not represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect. It does not follow the standards of any painting school, but they are very different beyond the normal definitions of an artwork to the viewer. When you analyze the meaning of the word “abstract”. that means taking away, separating many parts, minimizing the unimportant parts in the picture but still not losing the nature and meaning of the avoidance that the artist wants to deliver.

    When it comes to abstract paintings, these are pictures that attract viewers thanks to their ability to challenge each person’s imagination and artistic sense to create their own specialties.

    “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality.”― Pablo Picasso

  2. History of Abstract Art

    Abstract art was discovered and known from the early 20th century, Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), who invented the art of abstract painting. He said, “Abstract painting is the most difficult for all types of art”. It does not just require the artist who creates the artwork professionally. In particular, they must have a deep creative sense of color.

    Abstract art is the painting movement in the early 20th century, from 1910 to 1914. Abstract art uses visual language from shapes, patterns, colors, and lines to create a composition. can exist independently by references to real-world

  3. Understanding about Abstract Art

    Abstract art is known as an incorrect expression of a physical body or form. The artists who create abstract art choose an object and express it in a simplified or exaggerated way. The color of the picture is a direct voice as if expressing the artist’s mind.

    Everything in abstract taste is acceptable without any rules. Artists use lines, shapes, colors, textures, nuances, motion, rhythm, repetition, balance, change, ratio, contrast … Materials used also unlimited: sand, soil, fabric, metals, minerals, organic matter, plant matter … to give the most effective expression possible.

    Understanding abstract artwork requires an open mind and a big imagination. The bold lines of abstract painting are a kind of voiceless language. However, the resonance in the appreciative’s heart depends on the person’s level of consciousness. Since then the picture creates different vibes, so the look is also different. Despite the same picture, each person has a different look and feel.

    Abstract art often has more layers of meaning than what we see on the surface of the picture. It can talk about the creative process itself, the symbolic meanings used by the artist, or the cutting of unnecessary elements to reveal the symbolic meaning inside. Therefore, it is very important to recognize an abstract work by studying the work itself and the artist’s style. Realizing that abstract work is always beyond your grasp is very helpful in figuring out its true meaning.

  4. Types of Abstract Art

    Abstract art can be divided into six basic types:
    Characteristic of Curlivinear Abstract is the spiral curves are represented by smooth curves that. Human facial features can also become distinct from curves. You will not find square corners or straight lines in this type
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    Color-related or Light-Related
    Color-related or light-related are used a lot in the artworks of Oscar Claude Monet and Joseph Mallord William Turner. The characteristic of this type that is the color pigments are combined and twisted together until indistinguishable.
    color-related light-related abstract art
    As the name of it, the geometric style uses shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles. This painting style was very popular and popular in the 20th century. Unlike the styles that apply the law of near and far to create the truest truth for things, objects like the Renaissance. The geometric style mostly uses the law of contrast based on the size of the two objects. Furthermore, this style is also highly abstract meaning

    Composition VII (the three graces) by Theo van Doesburg abstract art
    Composition VII (the three graces) by Theo van Doesburg is one of the most famous geometric-style of the 20th century.

    Emotional or Intuitional
    This type of intuitional art embraces a mix of styles, whose common theme is a naturalistic tendency. This naturalism is visible in the type of shapes and colors employed. Unlike Geometric Abstraction, which is almost anti-nature, intuitional abstraction often evokes nature, but in less representational ways.
    Emotional or Intuitional abstract art

    The gestural style differs by the way of creativity. The content of the picture is not emphasized by the way it was made. Unlike the stabilized styles before, gestural is inspired by the intuition of artists. In other words, the distinction of this style is the value of the work depends on the honesty, intuition, and deep emotional circuits of the artist.


    abstract art Jackson Pollock's No. 5

    Jackson Pollock’s No. 5 artwork is the most popular of this style.

    Minimalist has had the same development as the geometric style in the 20th-century with a rather slow start. The geometric blocks are the main image of a minimalist abstract artwork, artists often use simple squares and rectangles. Not based on the size of the two objects like geometric, minimalist uses the size of the three objects.

    minimalist abstract artwork

  5. Using Abstract Painting as a home decor items

    The most difficult thing to do is get out of your comfort zone and try something different. If you feel borning with the traditional art so how about we start with the abstract painting? Consider using abstract wall art decor in your home and let see how amazing brings with it. For example, abstract art can really brighten up a room and it can give it a fresh perspective.

    In this modern world, for all ages, people tend to start using abstract canvas wall art as a decorative home item for any corner of your house. The abstract paintings not only make the space of your home more lively, but it also makes a strong impression to the guests of every time they come to visit. It gives a feeling that stimulates the viewer to learn about the meaning that the picture represents. In addition to the living room, you can also place pictures in the office to inspire creativity.

    Abstract canvas wall art for living room


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