How amazing an artist from Custom Prints Canvas brings creativity to life in 4 steps

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Hello everyone, I’m David, I work as a designer, an artist, and an editor for Custom Prints Canvas. I started working for Custom Prints Canvas from the first day since the date of the company’s formation. After through ups and downs, thanks to all the support from our lovely customers, today Custom Prints Canvas becomes more popular and becomes one of the first leading stores in the printing industry. Today, on behalf of Custom Prints Canvas, my honor is here to brief you on how I create artwork as an insight connection to the audiences who gave a lot of special care for Custom Prints Canvas through past years. 

Now, let’s take a short look to see how I bring my creativity to life.

Step 1 Get inspired

Getting inspired is not only the step, it’s the most important but hardest process that I have to deal with whenever drawing. However, inspiration always gives me a lot of interest and motivation to free my mind to work much as possible. 

The very first step I do before starting drawing a picture is imagining, inspiring, and creating to get the ideas. You all know that how creativity works do not like how the brain works, sometimes my creativity is hidden, but it is never lost. My creativity always comes when my spirit feels relaxed to enjoy any precious moment. Sometimes, by keeping a little bit of patenting and an open my mind to see how this world works in a positive look then I will find something fantasy to express on the paper.

I may draw a little animal, sometimes botanic with an inspirational quote, sometimes it’s the sunny day or even storming weather, that’s all entirely up to myself. Whatever inspires me, the most important thing is all the messages I want to convey to others is the beauty of every single individual in this world has its own meaning no matter how it looks. More than that – a combination with every detail not only making a good catch but also bringing the thoughtful values to anyone who will own the canvas pictures from Custom Prints Canvas.

Step 2 Sketch from the imagination

The first images from my mind become more observable by starting with light initial line sketches, focusing on the largest shape to the smallest. From experiences to favorites, I put a lot of effort into creating a combination of simple shapes, adjusting the very small details, and creating the perfect beauty between lights and darks. Even though everything comes with impulse, I always make sure what I am creating is not only a picture, it’s the deep conversation I want to communicate with customers in silence to be able to touch their heart, smooth their sorrow, share their happiness, or lift up their spirit.

Step 3 Enjoy coloring 

To become an excellent artist, of course, I have to master the laws of painting and designing. If sketching is the words and ideas to make an artwork become outstanding, coloring a picture is crucial because it plays a role in mixing every single detail matches with others and brings an eye-catching to attract the interest of customers. But in my opinion, there are no rules to make an artwork, that’s the reason why sometimes it does not need to choose the colors for my drawing that actually follow the reality. Because I’m an artist, I have my own rule to set up the right color for my artwork.

Step 4 Go into detail

This final step helps me have a total view from what I did before, it is not hard to do but this step really takes a lot of time because I’m quite hard on myself and not easily give a high evaluation for my artwork at first. “Art is not what you see but what you make others see” (Edgar Degas) I try to put myself in my customer’s shoes to adjust from bit by bit, object by object, detail by detail to the background.

In the end, thanks to the years of working at Custom Prints Canvas, I gain a lot of good experience from the value of remaining at the heart of everything we do together to bring canvas pictures with meaningful thought to everyone. We deeply respected and cared about our people and our customers. Custom Prints Canvas’s team and I will learn and grow, to become the best versions to accompany customers as long as possible.

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