Nowadays, many people are interested in interior design because it can improve their own space and  create a comfortable environment; therefore, room decor is always one of the most popular topics in recent times.


So now, we would like to recommend you the way to design and decorate five different kinds of rooms: 

1.The way to create a warm space for kitchen room decor 

Nowadays, a family’s time together is the time to have dinner, so the kitchen is not only used for cooking but also for gathering all family members. The design of the kitchen is scientific and reasonable which helps people feel the most comfortable here when returning from a stressful day at work. Those who love to cook will appreciate the appearance of the kitchen because the beautiful, airy kitchen space greatly affects the mood of cooking and enjoying.

The wonderful items using in kitchen room decor 


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Today there are many options for kitchen room decor such as vases, plants, lamps and especially canvas prints. A canvas print with familiar images in the kitchen such as cooking utensils or colorful flowers will make your kitchen more cozy and lively.

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2.To make your bedroom warm with unique room decor

After a tiring and stressful working day, what is the most important thing for you? That is rest! Let yourself be spread on the bed with soft mattresses and watch the familiar things have been arranged by yourself. There are many decoration items that you can use for bedroom decor ideas and canvas prints also are one of the most favorite items. 

Why should we use canvas prints to make wall decor for the bedroom?


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The answer is also very simple because in addition to the aesthetics of decorative paintings to help us relax after a hard day of work and study, in addition, its contents also bring messages of love, of family affection through which each family member is bound together, united and loves each other every day.

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3.Guest room decor ideas to make your visitors feel  at Home

Surely in many houses, there will be a guest room, which is a place for relatives or friends to visit and stay. I believe that not many people will be interested in the guest room decor because this is a room that is rarely used and it is not too necessary to decorate. However, if a guest room gives your loved one or friend the feeling of being in their own home, they will feel comfortable staying there. That’s a reason why you should consider guest room decor ideas


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Decorating the guest room is very simple, you just need to arrange the necessary items in the room such as books, tables, and chairs, trees, .. to make them feel most convenient and relaxing when staying at your home some days. For guest room wall decor, you can use curtains printed with many unique patterns, or paintings, canvas prints to make the room more colorful and lively.

4.How to design the most comfortable and modern laundry room decor ?

A space for washing and drying clothes is probably not too strange in the current era of urbanization. Whether you live in a house with a large area or in an apartment, a narrow tube house, you can own a comfortable laundry space. The design of a separate laundry room is quite simple. Simple, with only multi-story cabinets, many compartments to store common laundry, clothes racks..


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With the unique features of the laundry room, you need to consider the laundry room decor ideas. You should use light colors, lots of trees to create an airy feeling and use small cabinets to arrange utilities such as clothes racks, trays, washing machines, dryers to create a neat space.

5.An ideal bathroom following modern room decor 

The bathroom is an easy place to inspire joy and magically improve mood. There are many people who often have the habit of singing in the bathroom, in the shower, and imagining themselves as a singer showing off his divine voice. That is the moment we find our own joy in life, therefore, bathroom decor ideas also contribute to our joy.


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To make your bathroom look eye-catching and fresh does not require you to spend too much money. You just need to keep their existing textures, add small details without taking up too much space and area such as bathtubs, mirrors, candles, hangers, pots, towels… to create accents. Besides, you can also hang canvas prints with the rules of use in the bathroom to make room decor – it both helps people follow the rules and can also decorate the bathroom more eye-catchingly.

6.The ideas of arranging a productive office room decor 

To be able to create a productive office room, it is necessary to have the best workplace for employees so that they can be creative, have the opportunity to develop and make a breakthrough at work. In most industries working in this modern time, employees need to have an active working time to focus during the whole working day. Because of that, a dynamic, harmonious, and highly flexible office room decor needs to be invested.


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Being neat and productive room decor, you just need to use bright colors, and necessary equipment such as tables and chairs, computers, especially trees to create a fresh environment for everyone. Besides, canvas prints will also be a great choice if you want to make office room wall decor more vibrant, with meaningful quotes, motivation, and inspiration for your office.

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Thanks for reading our recommendation and have a nice day!